MySQL Server continues to be one of the world's most popular, FREE and top databases. Database is the heart of IT which is needed to store all critical data and information.

MySQL is a DBMS, or database management system. It is developed, supported and distributed by Oracle, but since it is open-source it is freely available to anyone. MySQL databases are relational, meaning that the data is split up between tables. MySQL is very fast and lightweight so you can run it alongside your other applications on a desktop or laptop. It can also be scaled up to take advantage of all the CPU power and memory available on a dedicated machine

If you want to become an expert in SQL database administration then this is the course for YOU.

This training course will provide you all the necessary skills you need to be a successful database administrator.

Positive attitude and desire to learn
Passion to become SQL database administrator
A PC or MAC with at least 4-8G of RAM